Subscribers- Video Instruction Series

This page will serve as the link and menu of choices for my online training services. The content on this page will be available to subscribers only but open to all for a modest fee; regardless of current level of achievement, I have something to offer you. Both programs will be launched soon as I work now on obtaining the proper hardware and software to do the job.

Online Coaching;

Not a new concept, personal trainers have been utilizing this teaching tool for some time now but I think most martial arts teachers don’t do this because it is quite a bit of work with the studying critiquing and sending back and forth of data. I believe it can be a valuable tool for those that want to continuously improve their forms and avoid developing hard to correct bad habits. Proper knowledgeable partner critique is one of the Nine Aspects of training form. This is an economical way to obtain this if you lack such a partner. Students interested can sign up here and then contact me directly to make client-specific arrangements on a case by case basis. In a nutshell the student would take video of themselves performing the style of their choice from multiple angles; front, rear and side. They can then upload the video straight to this site where it will be critiqued and responded to with a written and video reply. A nominal monthly fee would get the user a certain number of videos they would be allowed to submit each month.

Online Training; 

This is an online tutorial program where the subscriber can follow along while I instruct a student at my home studio in two different programs; the RAD (Weapon Retention and Disarm) program and The Splashing Hands Intensive Training program. Both of these are based around and follow the instruction in two training manuals that I wrote; The RAD Program for weapons retention and disarm and The Splashing Hands Fighter Training Manual-the skills and drills to integrate Splashing Hands to the instinctive level, that are both available for purchase on this site, regardless of participation in the programs. A caution would be that the complex detailed original nature of these programs will make it very difficult to learn just from the manual without some kind of personal instruction whether it be online or, better still, in person.