The Strange and Unexplained

This page will be a strange one for those skeptics out there but I will go ahead and make a chronicle of the things that I can remember. I have had more than my share of paranormal experiences and psychic encounters in my life beginning far back in my childhood even before I bought my first occult book on Witchcraft or Wicca; the first in a collection that would include everything from Voodoo and Pagan rituals and Shamanism to hypnotism and the High Magic of the Kabbalah. The interest began really I think with that old kid’s game of “Light as a Feather”.

This old game is a slightly creepy diversion for most kids but to us it was a practice method to develop psychic power; I in particular was drawn to the occult at a very early age. We would try to see how few people we could use and still levitate someone off the ground. Those who are unfamiliar with this game; a group gets together with a mood of somber spiritualism with one person lying one their back as the “corpse”. The rest of the group would ring around the corpse and slip two fingers only from each hand under the corpse to support it as the corpse is lifted to its coffin. Some type of mantra is spoken with some variation of “light as a feather” chanted over and over as each person visualizes the corpse floating in the air. Then the leader says “Now let us lift him to his coffin” and the group would simultaneously lift with two fingers and many times it would be successful to a shocking degree but usually ending with a loss of concentration heralding a plunge back to the ground for the deceased.

I became fascinated with what was possible and began devouring all I could read. Stand by for more.