Training Manuals

With this page you will be able, as a subscriber, to avail yourself of the necessary training manuals for following along with the two online training programs that are in the set up stage at this time. The manuals will also be available for purchase to anyone although without at least video instruction and feedback from me or someone I have trained in this way, the information, especially in the RAD Program, may be difficult to glean. While based on the arts taught by Lao Tzu McNeil there is much in these volumes of my own adaptation and innovation. The manuals are complete they only await final editing and proofing and will be made available very soon. I will soon have two available in e-book format;

Splashing Hands Fighter Training Manual- The Skills and Drills to Integrate Splashing Hands to the Instinctive Level. This is the key to taking your Splashing Hands regardless of skill level to a degree of perfection that is limited only be your desire and dedication. With this manual and the online video course the student will be able to learn the template to overlay any technique in order to make a full analysis of it’s efficacy for YOU. See the dedicated page for full details.

The RAD System- Weapon Retention and Disarm. A combined system of my own development for training and perfecting this vital life and death skill. Syllabus includes a handling of the basics of knife disarm which the world of martial arts is rife with techniques that won’t really work in this regard. This manual has a dedicated section that explains the intricacies and considerations of this most dangerous situation. In many cases disarming a knife is more difficult than a firearm. See the dedicated page for full details.