Splashing Hands Fighter Training Manual- The Skills and Drills to Integrate Splashing Hands to the Instinctive Level.

This manual will be available soon; it is the final editing stage now.

Lao Tzu McNeil ingrained the knowledge and stressed to us from the very beginning the importance of training to be ambidextrous, of having no strong side or weak side, to be able to work to all possible angles and the drills to work these patterns over and over. I have taken these lessons and expanded them to the extreme that I always take everything and got into training mirror image, reverse mirror image, multiple levels and every other variable to attack and defense that I could conceive and the result is what I call TechDev or technique development procedures that can be applied to any style or movement technique. Implementing this approach has benefited me greatly in the respect that I can do many things with both sides decently; throwing, writing, etc.

These procedures combined with the nine aspects of training and developing form offer a systematic and comprehensive way to integrate movement and reaction time to the instinctive level. Based on Splashing Hands and Hsiao Chui Tien training drills as taught by Lao Tzu I have developed unique drills using the basic concepts given to me by Lao Tzu that are really taught no where else. This manual along with the online tutorial video series or through online teaching provide the student with the tools to truly integrate not just Splashing Hands but any style to the instinctive level so that you can function effectively under the stress of the so-called “fight or flight” autonomic system response.

The manual is laid out with the same procedural progression that I would use for teaching a new student from the ground up and is a template of my own Splashing Hands practice sessions so it is appropriate for all students, beginner to advanced. It is designed to be a follow-along manual for the online Splashing Hands Intensive Training Course. Although containing written descriptions of all the Browns, Sections and Four Corners form there are none for the Small Cross or any of the Animal forms due to the obvious difficulty in conveying such nuanced movement in the written word. All of these forms except the Animal Forms are available on DVD from Lao Tzu as well as under personal instruction from me.

I am not sure of the status of the availability of the Animal Form DVD’s put together by Chris Lomas in England, I would love to get another set myself. The last I heard there was some type of issue but I have not talked to Chris in years. If you read this, Hello, Brother! I have heard a couple different stories about the origin of these awesome forms and I would love to some day get the scoop right from the source. Maybe Spain this year? I was fortunate enough to get copies of the five DVD’s from Chris and I appreciate the hard work he put in, I treasure them. I put in an entire year of exhaustive work teaching myself the five forms aided greatly by the multiple angles of view. I consider mastering these forms an essential tool for the integration process because there is no angle or variation of shuffle left untouched.

Here is a sample of the table of contents;

Introduction– A synopsis and overview of Splashing Hands aspects and attributes with an outline of sections to come.

Technique Development SOP (TechDev)–  The procedure I organized to efficiently train every possible aspect and variant of any form or movement when combined with the nine aspects of training form.

The Nine Aspects of Training Form– These are the building blocks of perfecting form and are essential to making form and movement nearly self-correcting.

Twelve Basic Shuffles and Variations– These are the basic tools of foot movement that all other variations are derived from and I have a specific order that I teach them to maximize training efficiency and hasten proficiency.

Circling and Closing the Gap- An exhaustive overview of all things mobility related, including my own circling drill.

On Guard Position and Circling Technique- An in-depth treatment of the on guard or ready position and my circling drill.

Changing Stance- A detailed analysis of this all important technique that, when mastered in all its’ variations, will make you untouchable and able to strike to any angle or direction.

Advancing and Withdrawing– More detail on controlling interval and the various techniques required.

Twelve Position Blocking Drill– A drill that I created that incorporates twelve blocking/parrying positions that comprise every possible method into one drill. This is a tough one to get without some type of instruction other than written description. It will be covered in the video series.

Fifty Basic Block/Strikes– The building blocks of all hand techniques including armlocks/breaks.

One Hundred and Fifty Basic Combinations– Fighting combinations built upon the basic tools detailed in the previous chapters.

Primary Fighting Combinations– The best, for me at least, of the basic combos from the previous chapter.

Advanced Block/Strikes– Including the Animal jab and punches and other strikes specific to the Animal Forms as well as the ten arm breaking techniques.

Advanced Combinations– Written descriptions of the Twenty Brown Forms with performance tips and integration techniques.

Basic Forms– The Small Cross and Four Corners with performance tips and integration techniques.

Advanced Forms– Performance and application tips for the five Animal Forms.

Splashing Hands Salute- Written description of the standard Splashing Hands salute used to open the basic forms as well as the Butterfly Form.

Practice Drills– A comprehensive coverage of many training drills for perfecting this art, many of my own design from ideas and theories imparted to me by Lao Tzu McNeil.

Fighting Tactics and Strategies– Exactly what the title says, tactics and planning to manipulate the opponent and control movement time and interval to your advantage and how to read an opponent.

Stretch Band Drills– A system of practice I developed around our Kung Fu styles using stretch bands as movement specific strength training to be used with forms for external training during Iron Hand or any time after your normal forms practice. Basically resistance training based around the kung fu forms that can be adapted in one manner or another to any form.

The manual will be available soon; it is in the final editing stage now.